The global COVID-19 pandemic has forced both people and employers to evaluate how health care is accessed and delivered, from the need for telemedicine and behavioral health services to real-time data driven solutions.

Cambia Health Solutions is addressing the evolving physical, behavioral and financial needs people face each day with the introduction of Journi – the next major milestone in the company’s vision to deliver a seamless, personalized health care experience for people and their families. Journi is a new health platform powered by data, innovation and people, built to ensure personalized, simple and better care for all.

“Journi changes the game. From this day forward, how people access, engage and interact with health care will be different,” said Mark Ganz, Cambia Health Solutions Chief Executive Officer. “As technology continues to reshape the world we live in, Journi sparks an evolution that brings forth a more personalized, compassionate experience for people and their families. As COVID-19 magnifies the gaps in our health care system, Journi is perfectly timed to bring together the fragmented experience. Designed over several years by deeply listening to people and engineered to put the individual at the center, Journi offers support that revolves around the unique needs of each one of us in sickness and in health, when and how we need it most.”

Journi is currently available to organizations that deliver health and wellness benefits to their employees in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah, with plans for nationwide expansion in the coming months. This new health platform puts people first to address their unique needs by bringing family health and well-being support, prescription management, health insurance and other benefits together in one place. This integrated health solution is powered by intelligent, data-driven technology that in one platform delivers:

Personalized, real-time access to address pressing health care questions via nurse chat and video; detailed health and medication histories; and medication safety, efficacy and cost information.

Intelligent navigation with advanced AI technology that enables users to find an in-network provider, easily view and understand health benefits and manage health and wellness choices for themselves and their family members.

24/7 access to Care Guides available via chat or phone to schedule medical appointments, coordinate prescriptions, deliver emotional and behavioral health support, and address COVID-19 related questions and concerns.

Financial tools and dashboards to track deductibles and out-of-pockets for everyone on the health benefits plan, provide cost estimations for treatment, and support via Care Guides to address insurance billing questions.

Whole-person health and well-being, including access to health coach services for nutrition, well-being goals and mental resilience; personalized insights and suggestions based on health history; access to employer-sponsored programs and services such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), retirement savings accounts and wellness programs.

“Today’s health care solutions must provide access to not one, but all points in a person’s health and well-being journey in a way that is easy to understand and use,” said Cheryl Pegus, Cambia’s Consumer Health Solutions President and Chief Medical Officer. “COVID-19 pushed employee health to be top of mind for employers as they find themselves taking on greater responsibility for employee well-being, behavioral health and ongoing, preventative care. Journi combines data, technology and the unique human experience to deliver personalized care and unlock actionable insights to help people get the care they need, when and where they need it. We believe Journi, which is designed to be health-literate and culturally appropriate, can ultimately result in cost savings and a healthier, more productive workplace for employers.”

Journi layers in existing employer-sponsored health and well-being benefits, digital care tools and a diverse care team to elevate value, increase utilization of benefits and improve return on investment. Journi’s reporting package gives employers the ability to drive stronger engagement, better outcomes and lower organizational costs, all while meeting employees where, when and how they need support.

Source: Company Press Release

Source: Company Press Release