C4 Imaging announces the first prostate cancer treatment utilizing Orion, a novel medical device that’s designed to facilitate the use of MRI in improving the accuracy of treatment.  The procedure was performed by Dr Peter Rossi at the Calaway Young Cancer Center in Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

“We are thrilled to be first to use Orion HDR MRI Markers in the treatment of a prostate cancer patient,” said Peter Rossi MD. “This kind of state-of-the-art care benefits our patients by supporting a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual anatomy. Effective treatment that minimizes the possibility of side effects is key as we approach the care of our patients. We are proud to be a leader in adopting this kind of advanced treatment,” Dr. Rossi added.

High Dose Rate (HDR) brachytherapy is a form of radiotherapy and a standard option for the curative treatment of many forms of cancer. It involves temporarily placing an applicator into the patient and then using medical imaging to identify the location in relation to the cancer and surrounding healthy tissue. A radioactive source is placed inside the applicator and irradiates the cancer before being removed. The popularity of HDR has increased in recent years due to its effectiveness and convenience.

The precise positioning of HDR applicators prior to treatment is critical for accurate delivery of therapy. Currently, this placement is usually guided by computed tomography (CT) imaging of metal wires that are temporarily placed inside the applicator. MRI can provide more anatomical detail than CT. The Orion HDR Marker creates a well-defined, positive MRI signal and allows the superior anatomical imaging properties of MRI to be effectively utilized when planning treatment, offering the potential for effective treatment that minimizes the possibility of side effects.

Andrew Bright, President and CEO of C4 Imaging commented, “We’re excited that Dr. Rossi, a nationally recognized leader in brachytherapy, has chosen to adopt Orion to further improve on his ability to provide highly personalized patient care. The Calaway Young Cancer Center exemplifies how cutting-edge technology can be delivered at a regional center of excellence.” He added, “We’d also like to acknowledge our commercial partner Theragenics, who, as a longtime leader in serving the brachytherapy community, were instrumental in introducing Dr Rossi and his team to the benefits of Orion.”

Source: Company Press Release