Broncus Medical has launched its advanced BioStar Transbronchial Aspiration Needle (TBNA) to transform minimally invasive diagnostics techniques.

The US-based medical technology company has designed the BioStar needle to offer medical practitioners an advanced tool for precise tissue sampling and high-quality specimens.

Available with 21G, 22G, and 25G needle arrangements, the tool is said to provide accuracy, usability, and patient comfort during diagnosis and reliable staging of lung cancer.

According to the medical technology firm, the needle integrates effortlessly into endobronchial ultrasound bronchoscopy (EBUS) procedures to increase patient care and clinical outcomes.

The BioStar is designed for both EBUS TBNA (EBUS-TBNA) and conventional TBNA (cTBNA) diagnostic procedures.

Broncus Medical Europe sales and marketing director Christian Rumpf said: “Our commitment to advancing patient care and diagnostic accuracy has driven us to develop the BioStar TBNA Needle – a revolutionary tool that empowers medical professionals to make confident, informed decisions.”

The BioStar cTBNA/EBUS-TBNA needle is said to have an advanced, ultra-thin design that guarantees little tissue disturbance, improved accessibility, less puncture force, and comfort while sampling.

It also has enhanced needle design and clear ultrasound echogenicity for real-time visualisation, Broncus Medical said. This allows clinicians to assess complex anatomical structures with greater accuracy.

The needle has an ergonomic handle design that ensures more freedom in manoeuvrability to enable seamless control and precise placement of the needle during minimally invasive diagnostics procedures.

In addition, BioStar has a beak-shape needle tip that delivers improved sample collection mechanisms. Available in standard Slant and Beak-shape tips, it helps optimise specimen retrieval for accurate pathological analysis.

The needle also simplifies procedural workflow, saving crucial time in busy clinical settings, with a user-friendly interface and simple setup, the medical technology firm added.

Currently, the BioStar TBNA Needle is available in Europe and the rest of the world for medical practitioners.

In the US, the tool is under pre-market review by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).