BostonGene, technology firm NEC, and private equity firm Japan Industrial Partners (JIP) have formed a joint venture (JV), dubbed BostonGene Japan, to advance the development of personalised medicine to significantly improve patient outcomes.

Based in the US, BostonGene is a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) based molecular and immune profiling solutions.

Its new JV, which will operate from Tokyo, will use the company’s high-complexity molecular technology and advanced biocomputational algorithms, including the BostonGene Tumor Portrait tests. These are aimed at expediting the development and validation of precision medicine approaches.

BostonGene will also provide its AI-powered cloud-based solutions, analytical tools, capabilities in bioinformatics, and advanced next-generation molecular and immune profiling to generate a complete view of a cancer patient at a molecular level.

These technologies are expected to help identify actionable targets for making therapy decisions that are evidence-based, the American biomedical software company said.

Additionally, the firm offers a range of services for its biopharma clients by using its solution platform. Its services include companion diagnostics, assay design and development, clinical trial testing, and biomarker discovery.

BostonGene president and CEO Andrew Feinberg said: “We look forward to bringing BostonGene solutions to the Japanese market. Our deep molecular and immune profiling and biocomputational power drastically improve patient outcomes and therapy development.

“Already widely adopted in the United States, we firmly believe that our solutions will significantly improve the standard of cancer care in Japan by enabling personalised treatments and improving therapy development.”

The technologies are planned to be deployed at cancer care centres to allow more patients to benefit from genomic testing and customised treatments.

Furthermore, Japanese researchers and biopharma firms are expected to gain from biomarker-driven medication development by employing BostonGene’s industry solutions.

NEC president and CEO Takayuki Morita said: “NEC is actively promoting the growth of its healthcare and life science business, centered on its hospital DX business, which has a strong customer base.

“By collaborating with NEC’s healthcare solutions, which utilise powerful AI/digital technologies, we expect BostonGene’s solutions to transform cancer care in Japan and aid Japanese pharmaceutical companies in developing the most effective therapies.”