Motus GI has announced that the Boston Medical Centre (BMC), a non-profit academic medical centre, will conduct the EXPEDITE clinical study, to evaluate its Pure-Vu System for improving bowel preparation rates.

Pure-Vu System is a US FDA approved medical device indicated for cleaning a poorly prepared colon during the colonoscopy procedure.

Motus GI has designed the device to integrate with standard and slim colonoscopes, facilitating safe and rapid cleansing during the procedure, restoring established procedural workflow and techniques.

Motus GI chief executive officer Tim Moran said: “We are excited to be part of this investigator-initiated study with a leading team of gastroenterologists at BMC to gather further insights on the benefits of the Pure-Vu System for inpatient and outpatient colonoscopies.

“BMC has initiated this study because insufficient bowel prep rates continue to be a burden on patients and the healthcare system, leading to longer hospital stays, delayed diagnosis, and additional costs to the patient and hospital.”

EXPEDITE study will enrol up to 50 inpatients and 50 outpatients

The EXPEDITE study is intended to evaluate Pure-Vu System for bowel preparation adequacy in the 100 patients undergoing a colonoscopy compared to the inpatient and outpatient populations that had a colonoscopy over the prior 24 months preceding availability of the Pure-Vu System.

The Boston Bowel Preparation Scale (BBPS), a validated assessment instrument, is used for measuring the rate of bowel preparation adequacy before and after Pure-Vu System.

The company said that the BBPS scale was previously used in all Pure-Vu System clinical studies, including the REDUCE inpatient colonoscopy study.

Moran added: “In multiple clinical trials involving challenging inpatient and outpatient cases, the Pure-Vu System has consistently helped achieve adequate bowel cleanliness rates greater than 95% following a reduced prep regimen.

“We believe expanding clinical and commercial experience will further demonstrate the Pure-Vu System’s capability to help physicians address insufficient bowel prep and reduce inefficiencies, delays, procedure cancellations and repeat procedures.”

Motus GI is engaged in providing endoscopy solutions to improve clinical outcomes and enhance the cost-efficiency for diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal conditions.