Deepening a collaboration that began in 2013, Omada Health and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota (Blue Cross) today announced the availability of Omada’s Type 2 Diabetes Digital Care program as a covered benefit for the insurer’s commercial plans. Building on the two organizations’ success deploying digital diabetes prevention in the state, Omada’s type 2 diabetes program will be available for Minnesota employers to launch beginning January 2020. Blue Cross also announced a strategic investment in Omada Health through the insurer’s parent company.

“Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has a strong record of providing support to people living with type 2 diabetes, from their investments in awareness and prevention to the recent announcement that the insurer would cover insulin costs at no charge,” said Omada Health co-founder and CEO Sean Duffy. “Our work together goes back six years, and the decision to expand our focus beyond diabetes prevention to include a type 2 diabetes management care program will provide an industry-leading solution for Minnesota-based employers, and a personalized solution for individuals with type 2 diabetes.”
The announcement comes as Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota has taken a number of actions to deliver innovative care and rein in costs for Minnesota families. In August, the plan announced it would include Tier 1 and Tier 2 insulin options as a covered benefit with no member cost-sharing in commercial fully insured Blue Cross plans. In January 2020, the Omada program for type 2 diabetes will offer a proven path for people improve their overall health through sustainable behavior change. In 2015, Blue Cross launched Omada’s prediabetes program, which continues to help thousands of members assess their risk for diabetes, take action, and reduce the chances of progressing to the full┬ádisease.

“Omada’s proven expertise in delivering a meaningful digital care experience aligns with our focus in fostering evolution and innovation across the health care system,” said Dr. Craig Samitt, president and CEO of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. “Omada’s program for type 2 Diabetes provides an experience unlike anything else offered in health care today. I am very pleased that so many of our members can now have access to a personalized program with professional coaching from Certified Diabetes Educators wherever and whenever they need it.”

Earlier this year, Omada announced a $73 million round of investment led by Wellington Management, bringing the company’s total investment to more than $200 million. Omada has published 11 peer-reviewed studies and is currently running the largest-ever randomized controlled trial of a digital diabetes prevention program. The company’s approach is proven to deliver lasting clinical outcomes, as well as significant medical cost savings, across diverse populations. Omada’s program drives unprecedented levels of meaningful engagement by participants, directly leading to sustained improvements in health.

Source: Company Press Release