Bioness the leading provider of advanced, clinically supported neuromodulation devices for the treatment of chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin, today announced the first StimRouter Neuromodulation System implantation in the United Kingdom at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. The procedure was performed by Dr. Sheila Black, a Consultant in Chronic Pain and Anesthesia, and received NHS reimbursement coverage. The StimRouter received a CE Mark in February 2014 for the treatment of chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin as an adjunct to other non-drug therapeutic options and has been successfully implanted in hundreds of patients across Europe at well-known institutions, including Radboud University Medical Center (Netherlands), South Victoria University (Ireland), and Kliniek Park Leopold Chirec (Belgium).

An estimated 100 million Europeans are suffering from chronic pain. Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) technology is rapidly growing amongst clinicians and patients due to its proven effectiveness at reducing chronic pain and dependence on opioids. Over the past year, the StimRouter has seen continued adoption, with nearly 30% more interventional pain doctors using the device on three continents.

“I found the kit easy to use, intuitive in the step-wise approach, and we obtained good paraesthesia coverage of the entire painful area,” said Dr. Sheila Black.

The StimRouter was the first FDA-cleared, minimally-invasive, long-term neuromodulation medical device indicated to treat chronic pain of a peripheral nerve origin. When patients undergo the StimRouter implant procedure, it requires one small incision and is often completed in just 30 minutes using local anesthesia. A hand-held remote allows patients to control their pain by delivering gentle stimulating pulses to disrupt signals before they reach the brain. In the UK, the StimRouter is distributed by Platform-14.

“We’re continuing to see impressive clinical results in multiple centers all over the world, and we are excited to further our support of clinicians looking to improve the lives of patients with chronic pain in the United Kingdom,” said Todd Cushman, President and CEO of Bioness. “Patients and clinicians alike are seeing the exceptional benefits that StimRouter can have for the treatment of chronic pain, especially with increased awareness of the challenges with more invasive therapies and the dangers of opioids. We are thrilled to deliver alternative pain management treatment options to those who care for patients suffering from chronic pain.”

Source: Company Press Release