British genomics company RevoluGen has signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with BioEntist for the distribution of its Fire Monkey DNA extraction products in Thailand.

BioEntist is a Thailand-based life science company that distributes complete workflow products in molecular biology.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Thai biotechnology firm will obtain rights to promote, market and sell Fire Monkey products to its molecular biology users in Thailand.

The agreement is expected to advance the commercialisation of Fire Monkey products in the commercial and research markets for DNA sequencing and genomics.

BioEntist CEO Sarawut Saephoo said: “With more labs looking to sequence DNA for both academic and the burgeoning genomics applications, there is an increasing need to extract high molecular weight DNA with the flexibility of hybrid sequencing protocols.

“In customer tests, RevoluGen’s HMW DNA extraction outperformed competitor technologies and we are thus delighted to add the Fire Monkey products to our sequencing range.”

RevoluGen claimed that its Fire Monkey is the world’s first spin column-based Nucleic Acid Isolation and Purification (NAIP) kit that extracts highly pure, long-length DNA.

It is a patent-protected technology, developed based on a spin-column-based protocol to extract High Molecular Weight (HMW)-DNA using a high g-force.

The technology does not break down the long and fragile DNA molecules as much as standard spin-column technologies, said the company.

Fire Monkey produces DNA fragments of an average of 100kb in length that is not too short and not too long and is found to be in a relatively tightly defined range of lengths.

In addition, the technology allows for size tuning to produce DNA fragments in very tight bands of smaller lengths below its standard 100kb average DNA extract length.

Fire Monkey is said to improve DNA sequencing results by extracting long-fragment DNA using a protocol that minimises small-fragment DNA contamination.

Fire Monkey technology inventor and RevoluGen CSO Georgios Patsos said: “Fire Monkey is ideal for extraction of DNA on all sequencing platforms giving users the benefit of one extraction for both their initial short-read sequencing and for any subsequent long-read sequencing.

“By only needing to do one extraction rather than two it can reduce sample handling and storage significantly enabling cost-effective hybrid assemblies.”