Biocept has collaborated with CLEARED4 for the development of a new system to track and manage Covid-19 testing needs and test results for Biocept customers.

The new service is said to leverage CLEARED4’s comprehensive health platform to help organisations to integrate customised protocols and requirements for testing students, employees and others.

The new platform will incorporate results from Biocept’s RT-PCR-based Covid-19 testing in real-time. It will allow administrators to monitor the programme and results for their organisations through a secure dashboard.

According to Biocept, the solution combines testing protocols and real-time test results to help maintain safer campuses, healthcare facilities and other venues.

Biocept president and CEO Michael Nall said: “As our customers strive to safely reopen or increase populations at campuses, businesses, healthcare facilities and other venues, there is an urgent need for a system to help streamline implementation of testing protocols and track Covid-19 testing results.”

CLEARED4 is a turnkey platform, which will help connect an individual’s Covid-19 health status to any form of access control in real-time including venue apps or employer tools.

The flexible solution allows partners to select any combination of Covid-19 symptom checking, test results and vaccination data to generate access to a whole location such as venue or specific zone within a location.

In addition, the platform is suitable for use either as a standalone experience or as a seamlessly integrated product in the app of any organisation.

CLEARED4 founder and CEO Dr Soumi Eachempati said: “The combination of Biocept’s Covid-19 testing and our specialised real-time dashboard will help ensure a safer, healthier environment for our communities.”

Biocept offers a range of blood-based liquid biopsy assays, including the CNSide cerebrospinal fluid assay.