Better Breathing Sport has rolled out a new generation of its portable and handheld oxygen device to provide breathing support to athletes and common people.

It is a performance-enhancing breathing support device that ensures people have enhanced breathing and enables the purest oxygen supply to enhance stamina.

Users need to inhale through the device at least 10 times in a few seconds to experience enhanced performance support.

The device leverages vibrations and resistance to imitate the body’s coughing mechanism to enhance the oxygen delivery system for better energy and sporting performance.

According to the company, runners, sports players, and other athletes can use Better Breathing Sport to eliminate breathlessness during their performance.

The company, in its statement, said: “It is a universal fact that sportsmen require the most oxygen during running, sports, or other performances. However, a common oxygen device cannot provide many effective results.

“But, with the help of this device, one can experience great improvement in the natural breathing cycle as time passes. A Better Breathing Sport device not only helps to prevent temporary breathlessness but also facilitates permanent positive effects on the body.”

Better Breathing Sport is said to reduce the lactic acid accumulated in body muscles, which helps optimise oxygen transportation throughout the body.

In addition, the device also enhances the lung’s capacity to enable more consistent breathing and minimises the time between losing and gaining oxygen to the muscles.

The approach facilitates a steady heart rate even during heavy physical activities and increases immunity and energy levels due to consistent levels of oxygen in the body.

The company said that the breathing support device enables longer periods for workouts or other physical activities and facilitates a better sleep cycle.

Better Breathing Sport said: “Better Breathing Sport devices can be the best oxygen support system, whether during daily life or during excessive physical activities.

“The lasting capacity of this device is about 1.5-2 years, so one does not need to buy this so often. Better Breathing Sport is comfortable to use for all age groups.

“So, people who want to improve breathing habits and want a stable breathing cycle, no matter what the situation, can try using the Better Breathing Sport device.”

Source: Company Press Release