Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has introduced a new range of reagents, BD Horizon RealYellow 586 Reagents.

The new reagents will allow researchers to gain improved data resolution and greater insights from samples compared to traditional fluorochromes.

BD Horizon RealYellow 586 Reagents, developed with dye technology and AI guidance, are capable to boost drug discovery and development in oncology, autoimmune disorders and infectious diseases.

BD said that the reagents represent a significant breakthrough in flow cytometry and have the potential to expedite illness identification and medication development in a variety of disorders.

The AI guidance helped in the assessment of the existing data from excitation and emission profiles of commercially available fluorochromes, then determined the best places in laser lines for new dye development.

The BD dye technique helped the research and development team to develop dyes to fit these emission profiles.

When used in conjunction with spectral flow cytometry, BD Horizon RealYellow 586 Reagents enable researchers to conduct high-dimensional research, said the firm.

BD Biosciences vice president, research and clinical solutions general manager Steve Conly said: “By overcoming this longstanding limitation in flow cytometry, scientists will now be able to more accurately and confidently study cells of interest, which can streamline discovery research and help unlock potential therapies for disease in a broad range of fields including virology and oncology.

“With BD Horizon RealYellow and RealBlue Reagents, BD demonstrates its continued leadership in the exciting field of spectral flow cytometry. The new reagents will complement future products that leverage BD CellView Image Technology, our new technology that adds fluorescence imaging and image-based decisioning to sort individual cells at high speed based on the visual details of each cell, to empower researchers with a truly unique solution for cutting-edge flow cytometry.”

The reagents are now available worldwide via online and local sales representatives.