Baylis Medical announced today the first clinical use of the VersaCross Steerable Access Solution, performed at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The newest addition to the VersaCross Transseptal Platform combines the VersaCross RF wire with a steerable sheath, making it the ultimate, all-in-one solution to enable radiofrequency (RF) ablation procedures.

Launched in 2019, the VersaCross solution is the world’s first all-in-one solution for left-heart access-to-delivery. The device acts as a puncture device, an anchor in the left-atrium and a sturdy exchange rail to facilitate sheath exchange.

The VersaCross Steerable Sheath allows for high-precision handling, controlled atrial crossing and consistent contact force during procedures. The included dilator features TRUform™ shapeable technology, facilitating transseptal punctures at the optimal location on the septum.  The sheath and dilator feature OMNIviz™ technology that supports visibility on various imaging modalities.

The VersaCross solution is the only exchangeless solution for access-to-delivery of left-heart therapy devices. The addition of the VersaCross Steerable Sheath enables the delivery of a broad range of therapy devices for electrophysiology and interventional cardiology procedures. This includes ablations, left atrial appendage closures and mitral valve repairs. With this device, physicians now have a full suite of tools within the VersaCross platform to optimize their practice.

“With the VersaCross platform, Baylis Medical is proud to offer physicians advanced tools that enable procedures to take place with efficiency, precision and control, and allow physicians to remain focused on the delivery of therapy,” said Robert Harrison, Director of R&D, Cardiology, at Baylis Medical.

“The RF wire system saves several steps, which is always helpful in AF ablation,”  said Dr. Gregory Marcus, a UCSF Health cardiac eletrophysiologist and associate chief of cardiology for research in the UCSF Division of Cardiology, who successfully performed the first cardiac ablation in the world with the VersaCross steerable sheath, after gaining left heart access with the VersaCross RF wire. “The dilator provides the same support we would normally expect from a conventional needle, and the steerable sheath helped to get us everywhere we wanted to go without any problems.”

Source: Company Press Release