Baxter International has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for its new Novum IQ syringe infusion pump (SYR) with Dose IQ Safety Software.

The Novum IQ syringe pump is intended to be used together with legally marketed and compatible administration sets, syringes, and medications.

It is designed to deliver small amounts of fluid at low rates, including drugs, parenteral nutrition, blood and blood products, and enteral nutrition.

The system is capable of delivering infusion through clinically accepted routes of administration, including intravenous, arterial, enteral, and subcutaneous.

In addition, it can be fully integrated with hospital electronic medical records (EMRs) through the company’s IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite, said the medical technology company.

Baxter acute therapies, clinical nutrition, medication delivery Latin America and Canada president Heather Knight said: “We are thrilled to bring a new syringe infusion pump to the market that represents the next generation of Baxter’s intelligent infusion ecosystem.

“Together, the Novum IQ syringe infusion pump, Dose IQ Safety Software and IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite advance the interoperability and data insights needed to help prevent harm and personalize therapy for patients, including neonates and other fragile patients.”

According to Baxter, syringe infusion pumps are used to precisely deliver small amounts of fluid at low rates, often in paediatric, neonatal or anaesthesia care settings.

The Novum IQ SYR delivers a technologically integrated user experience with enhanced safety features, connectivity, configurable anaesthesia care settings, said the company.

It comes with a user interface that incorporates coloured visual banners to help identify enteral delivery, a backlit keypad and guided syringe loading.

In addition, the device leverages intuitive technologies to reduce infusion errors and addresses stringent FDA guidance for infusion devices, including cybersecurity, said Baxter.

The company’s Novum IQ platform currently includes the Novum IQ SYR, Dose IQ Safety Software and IQ Enterprise Connectivity Suite.