Canada-based eye health company Bausch + Lomb and Heidelberg Engineering have launched the SeeLuma Fully Digital Surgical Visualisation Platform.

The SeeLuma Fully Digital Surgical Visualisation Platform is said to offer a new level of visualisation to ophthalmic surgeons compared to hybrid, optical and retrofitted microscopes.

According to Bausch + Lomb, the platform is designed for use in complex surgical procedures.

SeeLuma will be unveiled in Western Europe and the US this month with additional countries to follow.

Bausch + Lomb Surgical and Vision Care Global Consumer president Joe Gordon said: “As part of our broader mission, Bausch + Lomb aims to provide ophthalmic surgeons around the world with innovative visualisation and intraoperative diagnostic technologies that enhance the surgical experience to ultimately help deliver better patient outcomes.

“The launch of SeeLuma is an important milestone on this journey, as it will serve as one of the key foundations for our future image-guided surgical applications.”

SeeLuma Fully Digital Surgical Visualisation Platform has multiple digital display options, a heads-up 3D monitor and an intuitive interface.

Using the next-generation 3D 55” and 31” 4K monitors and digital binoculars, the platform helps in 3D heads-up surgery by offering high-quality images to surgeons. It also enables users to highlight and improve anatomical landmarks for easy differentiation of anatomical features.

The eye health company said that SeeLuma is the only microscope with multiple digital display options that allow surgeons to operate ergonomically. The presence of a C-shaped suspension arm enables the surgeons to view the 3D 4K monitors straight ahead of them.

It also has an intuitive interface with comprehensive settings which can be controlled either by nurses or directly by the surgeon using the on-screen menu through the foot switch.

It automatically adapts the system parameters like zoom and focus speed, white balance, image inversion and foot control layouts for a smooth workflow.

Additionally, the surgeons can connect multiple wireless displays simultaneously in the SeeLuma platform, allowing trainees and stakeholders to follow and predict surgical steps.

Heidelberg Engineering corporate strategy head Kfir Azoulay said: “Utilising MSI’s digital microscopy and image-guided applications expertise, coupled with Bausch + Lomb’s long-standing leadership and innovation in ophthalmology, the new SeeLuma platform will help address the increasing demand for innovative digital microscopy solutions.”