Healthcare technology leader Axxess released a new comprehensive wound care management system that enables users to document and track wound care seamlessly.

The Axxess Wound Manager tracks wounds, wound care orders and wound care in an easy-to-use, central location with automation and clinical intelligence. Field clinicians and clinical managers can use the Wound Manager to document and monitor wound care across multiple episodes and admission periods.

“Home health organizations need clinically intelligent solutions to effectively provide and document wound care under PDGM,” said John Olajide, Founder and CEO of Axxess. “That’s why we took an innovative approach to create a robust wound management system that enables clinicians to document wound care thoroughly and validates wound documentation for accuracy and compliance as clinicians work.”

Standardized documentation in the Wound Manager helps clinicians correctly chart administration of wound care, and gives organizations direct access to monitor wound history, photos, characteristics and flowsheet documentation.

Once a wound is added to the Wound Manager, a number is automatically assigned to track treatment and progress throughout the life of the wound. Based on wound measurements and key areas of wound documentation, the system calculates wound scores to identify healing or worsening of wounds, so users can further monitor wound progression.

In addition to managing supplies, wound orders and wound documentation, users can access valuable insights into the operational impacts and quality of wound care. Real-time validations in the Wound Manager provide automated quality assurance and ensure that clinicians completely document the characteristics of wounds. Data flows seamlessly from the Wound Manager to subsequent clinical notes to streamline processes and facilitate consistent, accurate documentation throughout the course of care.

Integrated throughout the Wound Manager, users have continuous access to detailed training information and resources when documenting wound care. The Wound Manager’s performance insights, robust automation and clinical intelligence make delivering wound care easy and simplify documentation for PDGM compliance and optimal patient outcomes.

Source: Company Press Release