Aspenti Health announced the launch of a Mobile Urine Drug Testing Specimen Collection Unit.

COVID-19 has caused much uncertainty and anxiety for patients in our community especially around travel and viral exposure. The Aspenti Mobile Unit offers our clients an option to support their patients’ treatment plans through accessible and convenient testing services.

The Aspenti Mobile Unit follows safety guidelines to allow for the proper six foot social distancing and the highest level of infection prevention measures required by the Vermont Health Department. The mobile unit offers support at your doorstep for patients that are sheltering in place during the pandemic. Serving as an innovative solution for collection on wheels, it will make access to collections easier for patients who would otherwise struggle accessing patient centers.

Through the efforts of multiple departments, structural changes, route logistics and COVID-19 safety protocols were put into place to get the mobile unit up and running.

“The feedback for our new mobile collection solution from both patients and clients has been very positive. Patients feel comfortable with the COVID-19 safety protocols we have set in place. They like that this new option supports their recovery and is conveniently available close to home. Providers have expressed that they are thankful for this new mobile testing service which allows them to continue to follow their patients’ plan of care during the pandemic,” Alexa Brett, Director of Client and Patient Experience, Aspenti Health

The Aspenti Mobile Unit will be used Monday-Friday across the entire State of Vermont.

Aspenti Health is a healthcare company designed to address population health for substance use and behavioral health care.

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Source: Company Press Release