Switzerland-based diabetes care company Ascensia Diabetes Care has introduced its online diabetes management and analytics platform GlucoContro.online in the US.

GlucoContro.online is said to support diabetes management by enabling data-driven care for people using the firm’s CONTOUR blood glucose monitoring (BGM) system portfolio. It is currently available in more than 15 countries.

According to Ascensia Diabetes Care, the single platform can support people with diabetes (PWDs) to gather, access, and analyse their diabetes data online and share it with their caregivers and healthcare providers (HCPs). It is said to be intuitive, easy to use, and directly gathers data from the CONTOUR DIABETES app, CONTOUR Cloud, or CONTOUR meters through a cable.

GlucoContro.online has built-in data analytics capabilities to aid PWDs and healthcare providers in their decision-making. Users can get colour-coded statistics and charts for metrics including blood glucose readings, insulin dosage, food intake, and activity levels, the diabetes care company said.

Ascensia Diabetes Care said that the data can be safely stored both online and offline and may be shared easily via a QR code or a quick one-click invitation.

GlucoContro.online will be available along with the CONTOUR NEXT Concierge, the company’s HCP-focused online buying platform for CONTOUR metres and strips. HCPs will be able to quickly access data and order supplies and samples from the CONTOUR portfolio with a single login and within a single uninterrupted system.

Ascensia Diabetes Care BGM digital connected solutions head Chester Lu said: “GlucoContro.online gives PWDs and HCPs access to essential data wherever they are, providing them with peace of mind when making decisions both on a daily basis and for long-term treatment plans.

“The platform is already fully operational across Europe, and we are glad that people in the U.S. are now able to benefit from this intuitive and integrated approach to data-driven diabetes management.

“GlucoContro.online is just one of the ways in which Ascensia is supporting PWDs and HCPs to simplify life with diabetes.”

Developed in collaboration with Poland-based SdNcenter, GlucoContro.online is a scalable platform which can handle data from more than 150 million patients, 100,000 HCPs, and 10,000 clinics, Ascensia Diabetes Care claimed.

The platform is also developed to be compatible with other devices in the future, such as FitBit, Apple Health, Smart Scales, and Google Health.