ArmadaHealth, the healthcare provider recommendations company, today announced the QualityCare Navigator, a software-based solution for healthcare organizations with member-facing advocacy, call center and medical management teams that assist members with finding quality physicians and facilitate second opinions.

“The dashboard is so intuitive and easy for our team to utilize! We are thrilled that we will now be able to service our members so seamlessly and have access to the high quality recommendations provided by ArmadaHealth’s data science platform and clinical navigation teams. We could not be more pleased,” commented Denise Buckland, Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations, International Medical Group.

This product launch comes on the heels of ArmadaHealth’s recent brand expansion announcement for its gold standard service, QualityCare Connect, providing consumers with evidence-based, objective and accurate recommendations, including ‘last mile’ verifications of insurance coverage, appointment availability and prerequisites.

Client agents access the QualityCare Navigator (QCN) Agent Portal, a dashboard that enables member-facing teams to efficiently launch, track and manage member requests for physician recommendations. Other QCN features available include a custom, web-based microsite for member self-service to launch their own navigations and private-labeled call center options.

Key benefits include:

Client Agent Productivity – Agents can spend more time interfacing with members versus searching for physicians with suboptimal tools.

Member Privacy– Client agents can control all of the interaction with the member within a private label option.

Real-time Information – The QCN Agent Portal provides instant access to the status of cases, recommendations for members and history of each member’s case.

Subject Matter Expert Support System – QualityCare Connect’s Clinical Navigators are SMEs to support client agents on complex or rare disease diagnoses.

Quality Recommendation Options – Members are provided multiple recommendations to the highest quality physicians available* with expertise in the member’s diagnosis or condition.

Better Outcomes – Members access the right care at the right time, leading to optimal outcomes and lower costs.

Member Satisfaction – Clients can leverage QCC’s NPS of 86 and 97% satisfaction rate.

“Healthcare navigation has been our core competency for over 14 years. It takes a specialized focus to curate hundreds of data sources and evidence at the condition level relating to appropriate, cost-effective, quality care. Our model enables our healthcare client’s agents to get it right the first time and spend more time talking to members and less time searching for physicians with inadequate doctor search tools,” said Steve Schaefer, CEO, ArmadaHealth. “Furthermore, our clients are able to facilitate expert second opinions and treatment options from the right in-network providers without delay of care.”

Source: Company Press Release