Aptar CSP Technologies, an active material science solutions company of AptarGroup, has announced its plans to locally manufacture its Activ-Vial systems in China.

The company will manufacture the Activ-Vial products at its facility in Guangzhou, China, to address the country’s growing diagnostics market, particularly for diabetes testing.

The domestic manufacturing of Activ-Vial is aimed at mitigating the supply chain disruptions, and provide an optimal solution to the local diabetes patients, said Aptar CSP Technologies.

Also, the move forms an important part of the company’s strategy to significantly expand its footprint in Chinese market.

Aptar CSP Technologies global commercial operations VP Badre Hammond said: “This latest investment in local production expansion reflects our continued commitment to serving the China market.

“This initiative not only represents an investment in the markets and communities we serve, but allows us to leverage local supply chains, improving our cost structure and sustainability of operations.”

The Activ-Vial portfolio features the company’s unique 3-Phase Activ-Polymer platform technology, integrated into the flip-top vials and bottles in varying sizes.

The technology is said to create a microclimate that protects the diabetes test strips from moisture and other environmental conditions that impact their stability.

Unlike conventional packaging, Activ-Polymer technology co-molds highly-engineered active particles into the vial, to remove the moisture before it reaches the contents inside.

In addition, the company’s patented ‘close in the mold’ technology is said to provide a moisture-tight seal throughout the shelf life and patient use life, with high product stability.

According to the company, the Activ-Vial products are available at the Guangzhou site to test for stability and readiness for commercial launch.

Aptar CSP Technologies is engaged in the design and manufacturing of a broad range of drug delivery, consumer product dispensing and active material science solutions.

The company was formed after AptarGroup has completed the acquisition of CSP Technologies, which is specialised in material science-based packaging technology.