Anbio Biotechnology, a medical device company focused on in-vitro diagnostics, has rolled out a new handheld immunodiagnostic solution to advance point-of-care (POC) diagnostics.

The solution, dubbed Anbio AF-100S is an automated, compact, fluorescent Immunoassay (FIA) solution that provides rapid, accurate, and reliable results for a wide range of analytes.

It leverages fluorescently labelled antibodies or antigens to detect the presence of specific biomolecules in a patient’s sample, by forming a complex that emits a fluorescent signal.

The high sensitivity and specificity of Anbio AF-100S will help healthcare professionals provide better care for their patients.

Also, its small size, long battery life, and an easy-to-use interface, will facilitate its use in different settings, said the medical device company.

Anbio chief marketing officer Sa Jiang said: “The Anbio AF-100S is set to transform the field of clinical diagnostics, empowering healthcare providers with a cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

“Our FIA solution is small, yet powerful point-of-care immunodiagnostic solution that provides rapid, accurate, and reliable results for a wide range of analytes to provide faster diagnosis and better prognosis to patients.”

According to Anbio, AF-100S FIA solution will provide several benefits over other point-of-care diagnostic solutions.

The solution comes with a compact FIA analyser measuring 195x100x70mm, allowing it to be used in private clinics, urgent care facilities, emergency rooms, and ambulances.

The analyser, powered by a lithium battery that provides up to 800 tests per charge or 20 days of device off time, and can process up to 240 tests per hour.

With a large colour touch screen, a user-friendly interface, and offers a wide range of assays for the detection of a variety of analytes, including hormones, enzymes, and infectious diseases.