Amniotic tissue allografts provider Amnio Technology has expanded its PalinGen membrane product portfolio with the introduction of two new products.

The new PalinGen dual-layer membrane and dual layer PalinGen X-membrane are designed to treat patients with non-healing acute and chronic wounds, as well as complex and open surgical wounds and burns.

Similar to other PalinGen membrane products, the new FDA recognised allografts are said to be minimally manipulated, human cell, tissue, and cellular and tissue-based products or HCT/Ps.

Amnio Technology operations managing director William Brown said: “We continue to be successful in the development and launch of new Products in our pipeline, which meet the Regulatory framework of the FDA and other Agencies.

“With a Team dedicated to compliance from the first step, we continue to expedite new product availability to clinicians for implementation into their practice and, ultimately, the ability to improve quality of life for the patient.”

The dual-layered nature of the allografts facilitate unidirectional application with two outward facing epithelial sides.

Advantek process, which is used to produce PalinGen membranes, enables to protect the extracellular matrix components and regulatory proteins present in amniotic tissues.

The company is offering both new membrane products in various sizes to meet the requirements of the patients.

In November last year, Amnio Technology secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) investigational new drug (IND) approval to start a Phase 2 clinical trial of PalinGen Flow, an amniotic tissue-based product.

Founded in 2013, Amnio Technology has a pipeline of products and a liquid allograft to treat chronic ulcers.