South Korea-based medical equipment manufacturer Alpinion Medical Systems has introduced its portable ultrasound diagnostic device, X-CUBE i9, for rapid and effective examinations.

With dual batteries and probe connectors, the new ultrasound device is designed to be ready in just one minute and operate for 100 hours in standby mode and more than one hour in scan mode.

It features a dual connector, which facilitates installing two types of probes to enable rapid examination in different situations, such as difficulty in moving patients or scanning various parts.

X-CUBE i9 is easy to carry due to its lightweight (under 6kg) and comes with a dedicated carrying bag, said the medical device company.

Alpinion CEO Hyun-jong Park said: “Customers have waited for the X-CUBE i9 even before its launching because of their high satisfaction with the image performance. I am expecting various field applications after its launching.”

Alpinion said that the X-CUBE i9 device has been designed using X+ Architecture to express high-resolution images, high frame rate, and rich colour of cart device level.

The X+ Crystal Signature transducer will reduce the noise by advancing the existing Single Crystal transducer technology.

It also improves diagnostic accuracy in several fields, including the musculoskeletal system, anesthesiology, intensive care, and sports medicine.

X-CUBE i9 is also equipped with X+ MicroView, a microvascular diagnosis technology, and the CUBE Strain, a heart function analysis technology.

In addition, Needle Vision Plus clearly shows the injection needle’s location in real-time, enhancing the accuracy and stability during ultrasound-guided anaesthesia and nerve block.

Furthermore, X-CUBE i9 also supports a transducer with enhanced durability, and the rubber-less integral mould design decreases the concern of damage from needles, said the company.