Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, leading technology provider, AlayaCare is helping ensure front line health-care workers, and the patients they serve, remain healthy while staying connected in their homes.

After an urgent new update this month, AlayaCare is the first home care technology company to allow any in-person visit to be converted to a virtual visit seamlessly. This allows home healthcare organizations in the United States, Canada and Australia to safely continue providing service to adults who rely on home care.

“As COVID-19 consumes our acute-care settings for the foreseeable future, the pressure on health systems to care for people in their homes will be overwhelming,” said Adrian Schauer, CEO, AlayaCare. “We have always considered virtual care of prime importance, but as we are forced to rethink how home care is delivered, the pace of action in this area is heightened.”

According to a recent poll of 266 home care professionals1, only one-quarter of respondents are actively offering virtual care – signalling what will be a major focus for the industry this spring.

“This crisis has forced ten years of progress in telehealth to happen in ten days,” said Laurie Neander, president, Bassett Healthcare Network. “In the midst of a pandemic, health organizations like ours have quickly realized the important role technology plays in home and community care. From remote patient monitoring to virtual visits, adapting and adopting innovation quickly is crucial.”

AlayaCare deploys new solutions in ever-changing environment

AlayaCare’s new video conferencing capability – now available for a free trial period, beginning today, for clients – is part of a rapid and revamped approach to virtual care in response to its customers’ needs. This includes a new COVID-19 electronic screening tool, which enables clinicians and personal care workers to assess any individual patient’s risk for COVID-19, both in order to stay safe in a home environment and to best determine how services can support that person.

In addition, AlayaCare has produced a region-specific telehealth and virtual care guide for home care providers around the world to begin implementing these new innovations in service of their clients.

“Standard care plans for treating COVID-19 patients are emerging, and we now know the vast majority of those infected will stay home,” said Schauer. “In this new reality, determining when hospitalization is required will be essential, particularly for older adults, who are not only at highest risk from the virus but who also rely on home care most.”

A robust virtual care suite

Through AlayaCare’s virtual care suite, caregivers can interact with clients anytime and anywhere, managing care plans and maintaining the individual relationships that are foundational to this area of health care. A dashboard enables home care staff to monitor clients, helping identify and address needs in real time and reduce the need for both in-home visits and unnecessary trips to the hospital. The new HIPAA-compliant video conferencing feature is embedded directly into the existing workflows for a seamless experience.

Home care organizations that use AlayaCare can also access a Client and Family Portal – an easy tool whereby home care clients themselves can manage how they would like to receive care, control their own care plans, and prepare for each visit.

Social distancing in the age of COVID-19 means the more people are engaged as a participant in their own care the better – and they can use the Portal to retrieve information about their custom medications, dietary plan and exercise routines, while better understanding vitals and symptoms they may be experiencing so they can accurately explain them to nurses over a video.

Source: Company Press Release