In the US, no standards are enforced for face masks outside of the medical sector, but AEA Group LLC has stepped out to make approved, certified and tested face masks accessible online especially for the public. Doctors and nurses are all required to wear face masks that are FDA certified.

However, with no such regulations for the public, the market gets filled with untested and substandard masks.

To achieve medical-grade, the masks must be tested by a certified 3rd party to a series of requirements, including particulate filtration efficiency (PFE down to 0.1 micron), fluid resistance, and breathability. These and other tests are typically only required for medical use masks and respirators, but AEA Group’s two main lines, the KN95 L-103VĀ and Level 3 disposable face mask, both exceed the medical standards, with an astounding PFE of over 98% on both masks, splash resistance, and high breathability. The primary difference with masks and respirators from AEA is the FDA approvals for them to be used as medical devices. Seeing as how healthcare workers are able to safely care for patients, these masks and respirators have a legitimate role in controlling COVID-19’s spread when used by the general public.

“In AEA Group, medical-grade regulations apply just as much to the public as they do to our healthcare workers,” said director Angelina Chan. “FDA certifications and approvals form the baseline to being transparent and finding the best possible way people can do their part to keep themselves and others safe. Face coverings can protect others from the wearer, but the higher standards are what set apart masks that will protect the wearer too!”

Several studies have clearly demonstrated that medical surgical masks and respirators perform better than others. AEA’s objective is to make these available to the public.

“Experts agree that the SARS-CoV-2 can actually be airborne instead of just being in larger droplets.” said managing partner Alex Chan. “In such a case, masks that do not have sub-micron PFE performance will not defend the wearer effectively. Most masks, disposables and reusables, do not have a PFE over 40%.”

In a time when the country is trying to recover and the public is left to their own devices, becoming informed about the importance of face mask performance and steering away from the misleading or untested face masks that are saturating the market are indispensable priorities. As social distancing becomes harder and the improper handling of reusables complacently grows, the risk of resurgence follows. This leaves the reliance on mask performance, like medical-grade masks, more essential to the public.

AEA Group LLC is a private company founded in Franklin, TN in 2017 and they pride themselves on their ability to serve the public flexibly amid changing times.

Source: Company Press Release