After completing a 60-day pre-clinical study, Professor Stephen Wildhirt, MD, PhD, CEO at AdjuCor, is excited to report on its success. Apart from other achievements, the study confirmed the chronic physiologic acceptance of their non-blood-contacting biventricular cardiac support device by the body.

AdjuCor has previously completed a successful 30-day in vivo study. An in-depth report on the results of the 30 and 60-day trials is under way. The results once again confirm that AdjuCor’s extravascular technology provides circulatory support without any complex blood contact and subsequent intense pharmacological intervention – as also published in the ASAIO Journal in 2018.

Professor Wildhirt elaborated, “We are thrilled by the performance of our system and the positive physiologic response that the body exhibited. The ongoing survival study confirms data from previously published trials showing excellent biventricular hemodynamic performance, individualized anatomic fit, and the absence of complications usually associated with blood-contact. We could not have achieved this success without the dedication of our team and the support of our pre-clinical testing partners.”

“The success that we’ve had during the last 60-day trial brings us another vital step closer to successful clinical trials in the not-so-distant future,” added Dr. Hamman de Vaal, Director of Business Development at AdjuCor.

Professor Ulrich Stock, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon and Heart Failure specialist at Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals in London, UK, commented, “My personal experience with the device and the survival results achieved in AdjuCor’s chronic animal trials provide evidence that this unique, less complex system is more than promising. The fact that it is so easy to implant and adjust to the patient’s individual need, ensures that it will be a game-changer in the cardiac field and in the way we are able to treat heart failure patients.”

AdjuCor’s Innovative Extravascular, Biventricular Cardiac Support Technology:

What sets AdjuCor’s patented technology apart from the other LVADs currently available on the market, is its unique non-blood-contacting solution, its ability to support both ventricles, and its innovative patient-specific design. It is implanted by a heart team (cardiologist and surgeon) around the heart within a few minutes on the beating heart without sutures. It completely avoids blood contact and thereby any blood-related complications including strokes and bleeding – an invaluable advantage that cannot be over-stated. The energy transferred to the heart may be adjusted to each patient’s need. It thereby dramatically enhances the care of patients with heart failure and improves their quality of life.

AdjuCor was founded as GmbH in 2012 by the Cardiothoracic Surgeon Stephen Wildhirt and is funded by private investors, the European Union, as well as German and Bavarian entities. The company employs over thirty experts in all fields required and has received over 13 million euros of financing.

Source: Company Press Release