US-based medical device company Abbott has launched the upgraded version of its digital health app, NeuroSphere myPath.

The app has been designed with more functionality to work closely with clinicians to track their patients as they use Abbott neurostimulation devices to address their chronic pain.

According to the firm, the digital health app is suitable for use with both Apple and Android devices and can provide a shared view of patient-reported outcomes measured throughout each stage of the treatment while using a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) or dorsal root ganglion (DRG) therapy device.

NeuroSphere myPath app is intended to help people track and report on their pain reduction and overall well-being.

It also assists clinicians to understand the stage of treatment and how patients are reacting to therapy in order to better guide their treatment plan, which is a fundamental aim of Abbott’s linked care strategy.

The firm said the app allows users to measure and document their pain through a series of virtual questionnaires performed through the app at baseline and during the trial period. Doctors can obtain an end-of-trial report at the conclusion of the study by taking answers to some questions related to the patient’s pain intensity, mood and experiences.

NeuroSphere myPath app is a part of a group of apps developed by Abbott under the Neurosphere brand, which also includes the Neurosphere Virtual Clinic.

Abbott neuromodulation vice president Pedro Malha said: “Our continued advancement of the NeuroSphere myPath app is part of Abbott’s commitment to developing new connected health technology that has the potential to bridge the gap between people and their doctors.

“Both the myPath digital app and our NeuroSphere Virtual Clinic allow us to deliver a more personalised and proactive approach to how advanced diseases are managed that are changing how people access healthcare around the world.”

Abbott’s move is a part of its commitment to connected care technology, and it aims to put individuals in charge of their own health and improve communication with their physicians.