US-based medical device company Abbott has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its advanced Alinity H-Series haematology system.

The Alinity h-series system includes an automated haematology analyser Alinity hq, and an integrated slide maker and stainer Alinity hs.

Alinity hq deploys advanced MAPSS technology, which leverages light scattering to distinguish cellular features and better identify various blood cells.

The FDA approval allows laboratories across the US to run complete blood counts (CBC) test as a part of Abbott’s Alinity family of diagnostic products.

CBC is widely used in routine checkups, as it helps screen for a variety of disorders including infections, anaemia, diseases of the immune system, and blood cancers.

Abbott core diagnostics business executive vice president Louis Morrone said: “US healthcare systems have experienced significant resource constraints and rapidly shifting dynamics post-pandemic.

“The Alinity h-series system, as with the entire suite of Alinity products, was developed to transform the way laboratories run tests so they can focus on their most important mission: the delivery of patient care.”

Abbott said that its Alinity h-series provides a laboratory diagnostic system with a wide range of tests that doctors can use to rapidly care for their patients.

It enables the laboratories and hospitals across the US, to easily integrate the system into their existing core lab operations, allowing lab staff to easily adopt with minimal training.

The Alinity h-series system can process up to 119 CBC results per hour, requires less floor space, and can load samples from the front and from a laboratory automation system.

It prioritises urgent samples without compromising capacity or workflow, offers hands-off maintenance to automate cleaning, and provides personalised reports and rules for systems.

Apart from the Alinity h-series, the Alinity family also includes Alinity ci (clinical chemistry and immunoassay), Alinity m, (molecular), Alinity s (transfusion) and the i-STAT Alinity.