3M Health Care has secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance for its 3M Veraflo Therapy for hydromechanical removal of infectious materials, non-viable tissue, and wound debris.

The clearance is for both 3M Veraflo Cleanse Choice Complete Dressing and 3M V.A.C. Veraflo Cleanse Choice Dressing.

According to 3M, the 3M Veraflo Therapy lowers the number of surgical debridements required and encourages granulation tissue formation to create a wound-healing environment.

The negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) dressing comes with instillation and dwells that clean and stimulate the formation of granulation tissue for patients having open soft tissue wounds.

3M Health Care clinical affairs SVP and chief medical officer Ronald Silverman said: “Veraflo Therapy gives wound care clinicians a proven tool to facilitate healing and reduce the need for surgical intervention.

“This FDA clearance highlights 3M innovation at its best – using science to help improve patient outcomes with better, smarter, safer health care solutions.”

The healthcare company is now said to have the first and only NPWT dressings that hydromechanically remove non-viable tissue.

Veraflo is claimed to offer a clinically proven therapy that can minimise the amount of required surgical debridements and prepare the wound for faster closure.

In multiple studies, the dressings have been shown to lower the length of stay and therapy, thus increasing treatment efficiency and cost savings for health systems.

In comparison to traditional NPWT therapies, Veraflo Therapy closes the wound almost twice as fast with a high chance of closing. It is also cost-effective, 3M claimed.

Last September, Epicore Biosystems, a digital health company, partnered with 3M’s healthcare business and medical device maker Innovize to scale the development of its portfolio of advanced sweat-sensing wearable technology.

The collaboration’s intention is to integrate Epicore Biosystems’ science-backed wearable hydration technology with the skin-interfacing materials of 3M and Innovize’s manufacturing expertise.