3M has launched the new generation of its silicone adhesives, dubbed 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive Tapes, to help patients using wearable medical devices.

The company said that acrylate and silicone have dominated the medical adhesive market for years, and currently available adhesives require device engineers to choose between strength and wear duration, or comfort and pliability.

The first product of the new class of adhesives is 2480 3M Single Coated Medical Nonwoven Tape with Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive on Liner, which offers secure adhesion with longer wear times.

3M Medical Device Solutions vice president Marcello Napol said: “Medical devices are essential, and engineers need confidence their adhesive is strong enough to secure a heavier device for longer duration without causing trauma to the patient’s skin upon removal.

“We leveraged 3M’s 55+ years of skin adhesive know-how to push the envelope of silicone adhesives and create a new product that bridges this gap.

“The 2480 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive is the first of its kind to offer the repositionable, gentle properties of silicone and achieve up to a four-day wear time, supporting heavier, more complex devices.”

3M’s new silicone adhesive designed to support heavier devices

Also, the adhesive will support heavier devices, while providing all the benefits of traditional 3M base silicone adhesive products.

According to 3M, the 2480 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive is repositionable, flexible and conformable with several medical devices, including continuous glucose monitoring systems, wearable monitors, sleep and incontinence devices.

The adhesive is said to provide enhanced sheer performance, higher tack, stronger adhesion and longer-wear duration. It is strongly bonded to the backing to minimise residue on both skin and production equipment.

Also, the 2480 3M Hi-Tack Silicone Adhesive is compatible with ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilisation.

3M said that the new adhesive is part of an extensive portfolio, and is planning to introduce additional silicone adhesives in 2021.