100Plus, the remote patient monitoring (RPM) platform for doctors and patients, has secured $25m funding to advance its artificial intelligence (AI) based remote patient monitoring product.

The company has raised series of seed investments from Henry Kravis, George Roberts, and other super angel investors.

100Plus is a remote patient monitoring solution, which enables physicians to remotely monitor patients and deliver data to make better clinical decisions.

Using AI, the remote patient monitoring solution offer an end-to-end solution such as patient outreach, device setup, patient engagement and automated billing.

100Plus CEO Ryan Howard said: “Remote patient monitoring has more potential than any other initiative to dramatically decrease the healthcare costs associated with chronic conditions as well as help patients avoid episodic care.

“With Medicare committed to reimbursing remote patient monitoring long-term, physicians now have both the incentives and with 100Plus a seamless end-to-end tool to improve care and potentially save the lives of millions of patients.”

The proceeds from the round will be used by 100Plus to increase patient engagement for its AI-based solution.

The platform uses a short message service (SMS) to deliver messages to drive patient involvement in the management of their health, including monitoring reminders, follow-up on care instructions and feedback on their remote monitoring numbers.

It enable patients to connect and ask questions, as well as receive responses based on their treatment plan. If needed, the platform will triage messages that need immediate physician interaction.

100Plus has also entered into a distribution partnership with medical billing and electronic health record providers such as AdvancedMD, DrChrono and athenahealth.

Under the deal, 100Plus will offer its platform to more than 250,000 medical practitioners without upfront cost or setup time required.