Welch Allyn, a manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, has divested its surgical lighting and specialty metal halide (Solarc) product lines.

According to Julie Shimer, president and CEO of Welch Allyn, the move is a key step in the company’s strategy to exit the surgical headlight and non-medical lighting portion of its business in order to fully focus on diagnostic medical devices, service and solutions for its customers.

Welch Allyn expects to continue growth in the medical office lighting portion of the business and LED-based medical lights, including the recently introduced Green Series Medical Exam Lights. In addition, the manufacture of Welch Allyn precision OEM specialty halogen lighting products will remain fully operational with no interruption in sales, service or support.

Cypress-based Ushio America, a manufacturer of specialty and general illumination lighting solutions, has purchased the Welch Allyn Solarc specialty metal halide product line of lighting products.

In addition, New Jersey-based Integra LifeSciences has purchased all Welch Allyn surgical headlight assets, which includes the ProXenon and CL lines of surgical headlight products and accessories. Integra is a medical device company focusing on regenerative medicine and innovation of cost-effective surgical implants and medical instruments for neurosurgery, orthopedics and general surgery.

Mr Shimer said: “Several years ago, as part of our overall Strategic Direction, Welch Allyn made the decision to gradually exit the parts of our business that were not directly related to our core medical focus areas, and the divestiture of these product lines is a key step in this process. Welch Allyn was founded more than 90 years ago by introducing the world’s first hand-held direct-illuminating ophthalmoscope, and we intend to remain true to the legacy of delivering quality medical devices which are the core of our company’s growth and success.

“By redeploying our people and assets we continue to put even greater innovation into the hands of frontline caregivers and their patients around the world. We are committed to focusing on what we do best developing and manufacturing innovative, high-quality medical devices.”