The move will also support enhanced data storage services complementing Viztek’s current remote hosting and disaster recovery. These services will include complete PACS hosting, disaster recovery, and business continuity, as well as standard off-site storage. To support this, the new facility’s data connectivity and IT infrastructure will increase storage capacity by 400%.

Viztek President, Joe Cermin, says, Increased storage capacity for hosted services gives us added confidence that we are delivering the highest level of service to our customers. A significant impetus behind our move has been to expand our company’s capacity to offer outstanding products that in turn strengthens our customers’ ability to deliver better medicine.

In addition to the enhanced hosted services, the new headquarters houses leading edge training centers for Viztek’s PACS, DR, and CR. This facility offers dealers and customers an updated technology environment with the latest product developments to visit and stay current on the hardware and software suite. Viztek General Manager, Bruce Ashby, adds, The new office enhances the company’s value. Our product offerings and services are becoming increasingly secure and reliable while more dynamic and accessible to our customers.