At a recent gulf regional conference, Ronald K. Noble, Interpol Secretary General, stated that “Al Qaida could use chemical or biological weapons to perpetrate its terrorist actions.” He added that the training material recovered from Al Qaida and information gathered from some of their captured operatives have convinced the world law enforcement community that the terrorist outfit has had plans to use chemical and biological weapons in their actions.

“Nobody really knows when Al Qaida will strike with chemical or biological weapons but it is just a matter of time before the terrorists believe they are ready,” he said, adding that the only restraints the terrorists were facing was the technical complexity of operating them properly and effectively.

“Our deal with PLT Trading to supply anthrax and ricin detection equipment in Dubai places our products in a very sensitive part of the world where the possibility of a biological weapon attack is a day to day reality,” said Jacques Tizabi, UNDT’s chief executive officer.