ULURU Inc. announced that clinical evidence on the treatment of wounds using Altrazeal along with pre-clinical and physical data on Altrazeal and Altrazeal Silver will be presented at the annual Society for Advance Wound Care Conference (SAWC) to be held in Texas. The clinical evidence and data will be presented on posters on display during the meeting. Renaat Van den Hooff, President & CEO of ULURU Inc., commented: “We are excited about the breadth of clinical experience and the depth of research on Altrazeal and look forward to presenting at this important forum. The scientific advances associated with Altrazeal are translating into positive clinical results for patients and wound care professionals.” At SAWC, clinical evidence will be presented on topics such as: best clinical practice using Altrazeal; treatment of diabetic foot ulcers; and an innovative surgical technique using Altrazeal as the primary dressing in staple and suture free mesh skin graft protection. Commenting on the new surgical technique, Dr. James Gleaves, FACS of Rush Hospital Wound Care, Hyperbaric and Limb Salvage Center, Meridian, Mississippi and co-author of two posters on the surgical procedure stated, “The development of a technique to cover and protect a mesh skin graft using a single product without staple or suture fixation will aid in patient comfort and could provide important benefits to patients and caregivers.” In addition to the clinical evidence presented, data will also be shown detailing advanced performance and unique applications of Altrazeal. Preclinical data will also be presented on the biocompatibility and physical properties of our product in development, Altrazeal Silver. ULURU will be exhibiting Altrazeal during SAWC, demonstrating its unique mechanism of action and ease of application for wound care professionals in attendance.