Applied Medical Products and Solutions focuses on the sale, distribution and support of perfusion, diagnostic and therapeutic products.

ThermalTherapeutic Systems focuses in the field of hyperthermic perfusion, medical device manufacturing, molecular diagnostics and technology commercialisation.

VERATHERM Portable Hyperthermic Perfusion System is the ThermalTherapeutic’s first product offering.

The system raises the core temperature of the thoracic or peritoneal cavity by continuous lavage with circulating warmed, physiologically compatible sterile solution, according to a protocol selected by a physician.

ThermalTherapeutic Systems president and CEO Raymond Vennare said that with expertise and reach in the perfusion, diagnostic and therapeutic markets, Applied Medical Products and Solutions not only provides with immediate access to the medical community in the greater New England area, but possess an understanding of the emerging opportunities in the broader market with respect to critical perfusion services and applications.