Strand Life Sciences and 100X Imaging said that the new technology will enable microscopy users to mine, annotate, search, and share insights and information associated with their images with peers and colleagues around the world.

Furthermore, integration of the image indexing technology with Strand’s AVADIS platform for data analysis and visualization will facilitate scientific collaboration in life sciences and health sciences.

As part of the agreement, Strand is delighted to welcome Nenad Amodaj from 100X Imaging as its new director of Microscopy Solutions. Prior to co-founding 100X Imaging, he served as manager of the cellular imaging software group at Axon Instruments and Molecular Devices. He was also the chief architect of the ImageXpress product line.

Mr Amodaj said: “After years of developing automated imaging software infrastructure, we believe our concept of ultimately flexible, service-oriented image indexing technology has found the perfect match with Strand’s expertise in developing world class data analysis solutions.”

Francois Mandeville, executive vice president of Strand Life Sciences, said: “The partnership between 100X Imaging and Strand marks the beginning of a new era in microscopy, where the focus will shift from image storage and management to empowering scientists to derive real value from their data.

“This breakthrough scientific intelligence technology will allow researchers across to visualize, model, integrate and give context to multiple threads of experimentation and analysis.”