Still River Systems announced the successful operation of the Monarch250, a highest field and high energy cyclotron magnet. The company's magnet is the key technical element for reducing the size and cost of the particle accelerator that will deliver proton therapy at a number of hospitals beginning with the first installation at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. The company's Monarch250 first installation sites are Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Jersey. Monarch250 is a superconducting magnet developed in an industrial and academic partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has tested operational and stable at its full design. Monarch250 proton therapy system is a unique and compact machine that was developed to provide proton therapy at a greatly reduced cost and size. In addition, the company has integrated the latest advancements in radiation therapy patient management with its innovative accelerator technology. The advancements include a robotic couch for patient positioning, dedicated proton therapy treatment planning, cone beam CT imaging, and motion management.