Sonora Medical Systems announced that it has released a version of its ultrasound probe testing device, FirstCall, specifically focused on testing expensive transesophageal probes (TEE) called FC-t. FC-t incorporates Sonora proprietary and patented technology that is designed to detect even small amounts of fluid infiltration into the insertion tube caused by bite marks or small tears in the coating material of the probe, the leading cause of TEE failures. FirstCall device is sensitive to small amounts of fluid infiltration. FC-t is a cost saving device for the hospital as well as significant patient safety in the issue of fluid infiltration into these probes. “We have had many requests from Biomedical and Clinical Engineers for a low cost version of FirstCall they could use specifically to test TEE probes under their care,” said G. Wayne Moore, President and CEO of Sonora Medical Systems. “If you need to replace 5 or 6 of these TEE probes per year at $20,000 per probe the expense, downtime and patient safety issues are dramatic. The ability to detect these problems early enough will allow the probes to be cost-effectively repaired and placed back into service, and with the low entry level cost FC-t meets the budget objectives in this cost-conscience environment,” he continued. A TEE care training presentation is provided with the FC-t device that focuses on proper cleaning, electrical leakage testing and storage of these probes.