Small Bone Innovations announced that PRECISE SD Distal Volar Radius Plating System has received CE Mark approval for a broad range of wrist trauma repair and reconstruction procedures. The PRECISE SD plate geometry is based on computer analysis of Computer Tomography data generated from a broad series of distal radii in the Hamann-Todd Osteological Collection at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The result is a locking plate that provides a more optimal anatomical fit and improved articular support in wrist fractures. The plate’s polyaxial locking screw technology, licensed from Dr. Wolter, offers an unusually low profile design with a proven clinical track record in treating complex fractures, such as those associated with osteoporosis. PRECISE SD Plate uses advanced locking technology that enables a surgeon to insert polyaxial locking or non-locking screws and pegs at variable angles of +/- 15 degrees to the plate to address the location and geometry of a fracture or osteotomy. The Type II surface coating on plates and screws increases strength, reduces the risk of cold welding between the plate and screws, and avoids tissue adhesion. The introduction of the PRECISE SD system extends SBi’s wrist management portfolio following its rollout of the RE-MOTION Total Wrist Implant and STABILITY Sigmoid Notch Total DRUJ System - incorporating Precise Guidance Technology that assists surgeons with anatomical placement in wrist arthroplasty and reconstruction procedures.