SaltCheck, Inc. has announced the completion of a 100 subject study demonstrating the use of a novel simplified test for monitoring sodium intake. The test can be used either for self-monitoring by people with hypertension or for point-of-care testing at the physician's office. The device helps in providing immediate feedback on urine sodium excretion which closely represents sodium intake. It involves dipstick testing, with results refined by statistical adjustments derived from a series of clinical studies. The company sponsored the studies which were conducted at Weill Cornell Medical College. The studies accurately estimated sodium excretion from a simple spot check of urine. The SaltCheck test provides a snapshot of the state of sodium excretion, and also correctly indicates whether a patient's sodium excretion over a 24-hour period is low or not with a high degree of sensitivity and specificity. It will be the novel commercially-available test for assessing salt intake and its ease of use and low cost will readily enables serial monitoring of salt intake, and of the effect of efforts to change salt intake.