The Supralimus Sirolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent is designed to prevent in-stent restenosis. Supralimus is based on the three powerful tools which are millennium Matrix Stent, Sirolimus Drug and fully biodegradable polymers coating. It is a versatile combination of biocompatible/biodegradable polymer and clinically proven sirolimus drug. It provides excellent scaffolding to the artery wall which prevents re-blockage; while the drug is released in a programmable pattern. The Drug/Polymer coating is adhered to the entire stent surface.

The objective of Series III Run-In Trial is to compare the performance and efficacy of the Supralimus sirolimus-eluting stent with the Xience V everolimus-eluting stent with respect to in-stent luminal late loss at 9 months as assessed by off-line QCA.

The 360 patient study is currently recruiting participants. The official title of the study is “A Randomized Comparison of the Supralimus Stent With the Xience V Stent in the Treatment of Patients With de Novo Native Coronary Artery Lesions”.