“Having sales representation throughout the country, and beyond, is essential to continuing our growth while also providing the capacity to service our existing customer base,” said SPG Co-founder and CEO Bill Brauner.

After a successful launch last month at the National Safety Council Expo in Orlando, followed by an international launch earlier this month at the A+A Trade Fair in Germany, PlugsSafety was faced with boosting staff to keep up with numerous sales demands for Zip-Outs. The company has since contracted with the following manufacturers’ sales representatives, Dan Rodeno & Associates, Fleming Safety Group, McCrory & Associates, SSI, Synetex Group, Vaga Sales, and Vertex Group.

PlugsSafety now has sales representation covering all 50 states, Puerto Rico, Canada and the Caribbean, with plans eventually to distribute Zip-Outs in more than 60 additional countries.

Zip-Outs provides a convenient means to access ear plugs for hearing protection, enabling all users to easily meet OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements. Zip-Outs’ zip out/zip in tethering system guarantees ear plugs are always available to the hard hat wearer.

Zip-Outs’ unique ear plug delivery and retention system attaches Noise Reduction Rating (NRR/SNR)-rated ear plugs directly to all types of hard hats. PlugsSafety also manufactures a line of ball caps with a similar tethered hearing protection delivery system ensuring ear plugs are constantly with users. Zip-Outs’ are available either plain or customized with a company logo.

According to Joseph Smith, a construction safety manager for First Solar, Inc.: “Zip-Outs have taken one of the most time consuming items out of my safety team’s day. We no longer have to run around a project site carrying handfuls or pocketfuls of ear plugs.

When we get our hard hats in we simply place the Zip-Outs in and at orientation we demo how to use the product and how to replace them when not in use. Every associate we have loves the fact that they do not have to look for their ear plugs or wonder if they forgot them when they go in the field.”