The analysis conducted by Physio-Control verified that the affected devices were manufactured with an internal component that could cause an electrical short that leads to the device turning off/on by itself or a power loss. A loss of power could delay or prevent delivery of defibrillation therapy. There have been no adverse patient events related to the potential issue.

Reportedly, on March 4, 2010, Physio-Control notified all affected customers by certified mail and has begun servicing affected devices, free of charge, at the customer site in most geographies.

In the meantime, Physio-Control has been providing the interim recommendations for customers as they are advised to keep units in service and to continue testing their devices in accordance with the operating instructions (Section 9 Maintaining the Equipment). Physio-Control service representatives are scheduling service visits to update all affected devices.

Physio-Control also recommends customers ensure the notification is forwarded to all of their sites. If customers no longer have a Lifepak 15 monitor/defibrillator, they are instructed to call Physio-Control as soon as possible.

Brian Webster, president of Physio-Control, said: “Physio-Control is committed to the highest level of quality and minimizing the impact to our customers. This is an example of our Quality System working the way it was designed to we were able to detect this potential issue early, it was investigated, a solution was found and is being implemented. Our goal is to minimize issues in the field and maximize patient safety and customer satisfaction.”