Nasal bridge breakdown, facial irregularities, facial hair, dentures and claustrophobia are patient challenges that impact the ability to establish effective therapy and comfort for patients. By establishing a robust seal around the less-pressure sensitive outer perimeter of the face, FitLife addresses these issues. The mask’s unique geometry does not irritate the eyes and keeps air flow in the mouth and nose area, while enabling patients to maintain an unrestricted view. An over-molded cushion integrated into the mask frame improves patient comfort and reduces the number of parts. EZPeel tabs and snap clips simplify adjustment, removal, and re-application of the mask. 

With its revolutionary design, FitLife helps clinicians with their hard-to-fit patients, said Laurie Scott, US marketing manager for patient interface, Philips Home Healthcare Solutions. As a ‘total solutions mask,’ FitLife is easy to size, adjust, and seal, making it an effective solution for virtually any patient. In fact, our similar product, PerforMax, has been successful and well-received in critical care settings.

The FitLife total face mask is available in two sizes, small and large, with the large size fitting most patients. The mask is compatible with all therapy devices intended for the treatment of OSA from Respironics.