NxStage Medical, a manufacturer of dialysis products, has signed a five-year distribution agreement with Spindial, a distributor of renal care products, for the promotion, sale, delivery and service of the NxStage System One and certain of the company's in-center products in Italy.

Under the terms of the agreement, the NxStage System One and PureFlow dialysate preparation system, as well as Medisystems bloodlines and ButtonHole needles, will be available to dialysis providers throughout Italy through Spindial.

NxStage Medical claimed that its System One helps make daily and home therapy accessible. It is the portable hemodialysis system cleared for home use. The System One was designed from the ground up to provide the simplicity, flexibility and portability to make daily and home dialysis a practical reality, without compromising safety.

Joseph Turk, senior vice president of commercial operations at NxStage Medical, said: “The Italian dialysis community has been a leader in supporting the benefits of home therapy and more frequent home hemodialysis. As a well established supplier of medical devices in Italy, Spindial will provide us with a meaningful opportunity to broaden access to the NxStage System One.”

Marcello Grondelli, president and CEO of Spindial, said: “We feel that this is right time to introduce home therapy with the NxStage System One because of the growing interest in treating more chronic hemodialysis patients at home versus in the public hospitals.

“There are already emerging local policies to expand utilization of home hemodialysis in certain regions of Italy and we believe that these will diffuse to other regions of the country. Our mutual goal is to expand access to NxStage’s life-changing therapy in Italy.”