Three five-part hematology analyzers were featured at the company’s stand in Hall 03 covering the range of laboratory needs from the manual BC-5300, to the mid-line automated BC-5380 to the top of the line BC 5800 that is currently in pre-launch evaluation.

With its low operational cost and small footprint, the BC-5300 has proved to be the most popular unit from Mindrray among European clinics and hospitals, according to Product Manager Han Li.

“Running cost is a critical factor for low-volume labs who appreciate the savings realized from the BC-5300 that also provides a high quality read out, he said.

The ease of operation and the fast training curve are also winning features.

Where the BC-5300 is manually operated, the next step up in the Mindray line of hematology analyzers is the automated BC-5380 that processes 30 tubes per run and also provides five-part differentiation for 27 parameters.

The top-of-the-line BC-5800 auto hematology analyzer integrates a series of enhancements that, according to Han Li,

“quite simply provides more test information in a shorter period of time.”

Testing up to 90 samples per hour for 29 parameters, the flagship BC 5800 offers customizable features unique in its class, such as setting up preferred printing format or reconfiguring re-examination rules.

“Lab directors can use these features to filter out samples that are abnormal and improves processes,” said Han Li, adding,

“More than just spinning out the data, this model is designed to help with decision-making.”

Also being previewed at Medica 2009 is the high-end, highly automated BS-800 chemistry analyzer that Regional Manager Rogun Luo said will undergo a six-month evaluation period at a reference hospital in Italy before becoming available in Europe toward the middle of 2010.