For gastrointestinal tract diagnostic solutions

Memscap has incorporated its key technology in the PillCam colon2 video capsule

manufactured by Given Imaging.

PillCam colon2, which obtained the CE mark in September, 2009, has been launched in Europe at the Gastro 2009 conference, which took place in London, on November 23. It enables physicians to visualise the colon and includes the improvements over its technology, a new imaging angle (172° field-of-view from each imager) offers a near 360° view of the colon, a new rapid software for image analysis and a new data recording process.

Like other PillCam capsules in Given Imaging’s suite of products, PillCam colon2 does not require the use of sedation, intubation or air insufflation during the procedure. The new technologies embedded in the capsule make it an even more functional tool for visualising the colon, claims the company.

Despite statistical limitations resulting from the size of the trials finalised to date, the new capsule offers a degree of consistency in the sensitivity and specificity of the data, both of which are high and balanced over the trials already realized.

Memscap components, which are already embedded in other Given Imaging PillCam capsule endoscopes (PillCam ESO 2 and first generation PillCam COLON), are also an integral part of PillCam colon2, with a new generation of magnetic switches benefiting from simplified manufacturing processes.

Jean Michel Karam, chief executive officer of Memscap, said: “Given Imaging capsules have revolutionised gastrointestinal tract imaging and offer a patient-friendly alternative. We are pleased to be part of this change and to contribute to this great innovation.”

Kevin Rubey, chief operational officer of Given Imaging, said: “Memscap has been a key partner for our gastrointestinal tract diagnostic solutions. Through our partnership, Memscap has showed a capability to innovate in the MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) field. This has once more been evidenced by the development of their new switch generation successfully integrated into our new PillCam colon2”.