Mellitor Ltd (Mellitor), a developer of glucose sensor for diabetes, is planning to complete clinical trial entitled “Use of Mellitor Sensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring - An Ex-Vivo Study” for Mellitor device for glucose measurement by October 2010. The aim of the study is to evaluate the feasibility of the Mellitor Sensor technology for glucose level measurement. This comparative trial is being conducted in Israel.

The diagnostic, non-randomized, open label, active control, parallel assignment, efficacy study is not yet open for participant recruitment. The trial will approximately enroll 20 participants. The principal investigator is Roi Eldor, MD Hadassah Medical Organization, Jerusalem.

Mellitor device for glucose measurement consists of a glucose sensor that is intended to continuously monitor blood glucose in diabetic patients. It replaces current glucometers, which require blood samples obtained by pricking the finger. It will supply the patient with frequent and accurate glucose readings.