Medtronic, Inc announced that it will be completing the study of ROX Percutaneous Arteriovenous Fistula System (ROX AC1) by June 2013.

Complete Superficial Femoral Artery stent is superior to balloon angioplasty in the treatment of coronary atherosclerosis in terms of reduction of acute complications and restenosis. These stents have been characterized by the use of an alloy combining nickel, titanium and nitinol.

The Study objective is to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Complete SE SFA Stent System in the treatment of de novo and/or restenotic lesions or occlusions in the Superficial Femoral Artery (SFA) and/or Proximal Popliteal Artery (PPA) in subjects with symptomatic Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

The 178 patient study is currently recruiting participants. The Official title of the study is “The Complete SE SFA Study: The Medtronic Complete Self-Expanding SFA Stent System for the Treatment of Atherosclerotic Lesions in the Superficial Femoral and/or Proximal Popliteal Arteries”.