Medtronic, Inc announced that it will be completing the study of Interstim Bowel Stimulator by January 2010.

Interstim Bowel Stimulator is a device which is surgically implanted in the buttocks. This device stimulates the appropriate nerves by using mild or moderate electrical impulses. By stimulating nerves it can help restore coordination between brain, pelvic floor, bladder or bowel and sphincter muscles. Sacral neuromodulation can significantly alleviate symptoms of fecal incontinence and or chronic constipation.

If a patient is suffering with symptoms of chronic FI despite trying oral medications, biofeedback and/or other more conservative treatments, a patient may be eligible to participate in a clinical research study to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of sacral nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic fecal incontinence. One hundred-twenty (120) patients will be implanted with medical devices and followed closely for twelve months, and then once a year after that until the study closes. There are up to 20 centers in the United States. This study is ongoing, but not recruiting participants. The official title of this study is “Medtronic InterStim Sacral Nerve Stimulation Therapy for Bowel Control: Fecal Incontinence Study”.